Eva Table

A modular multi-utility table that can be configured as a dressing table or a study table.


Eva Dresser   //   Eva Study 


The Eva tables are based on the same

structure and the user can choose

between a pegboard and a vanity mirror.


Both tables can be easily knocked-down

and facilitates green shipping.


The Eva Dressing Table houses a vanity mirror with LED and lots of storage for keeping make-up essentials and products.


The light is distributed evenly onto the face without creating any sort of shadows makes it easy for the user to apply make-up.


Allen flat-head screws can easily be unscrewed using an Allen key.

The product comes knocked-down and can easily be assembled by a layman.

Dresser Table Assembly.png

The Eva Study Table has a metallic pegboard where the user can attach paper and accessories using magnets.


The table is made out of Black ashwood veneer on straw boards that reduces the weight of the product and has a longer life.

Study Table Assembly.png